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The Metacubs project is a testing ground for critically acclaimed artist collective Pleix to reshape the Metaverse. Powered by crypto analysis platform Coincub, Metacubs is a call to action for future-oriented experience art NFT collectors who are ready and willing to save the planet and its endangered species.

Built around an initial genesis drop of 44 unique NFTs on the Polygon blockchain, the project utilizes technology, community, Metacubs represents the generation that sees the climate crisis for what it is and won’t hesitate to act.

We're heading towards an uncertain future.The environment and wild animals are in danger, ice caps are melting, civil unrest is brewing, and entrenched financial paradigms are getting dismantled at warp speed. Metacubs answers warranted criticisms about the environmental impact of crypto through green investment strategies. Keep reading to find out more about the Metacubs; who built it, what it is, and what the future looks like. We're not experts with tarot cards or crystal balls, but we can predict that this is going to be big.

“Teens are rebelling against their parents’ political inaction on the environment. With ‘Metacubs’ we wanted to pay tribute to the new knights of our times: Greta Thunberg, Leah Namugerva, Lilly—Ralyn Satidtanasarn, Alexandria Villaseñor, Isabel and Melati Wijsen.”

Jose Man Lius - Art Director

Find out more about our team below and get exclusive intel for the Metacubs post-release plan. As we move closer to launch the site will evolve.

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On planet Earth

Old, destructive ways are being questioned and bad practice questioned but more needs to be done. False values need dismantling as new ways of fighting the environmental revolution are sought – it’s time for the Metacubs!

Tasked with overseeing the future of the Planet Earth, The Metacubs are virtual forces of nature that manifest themselves through the elements and remain hidden until they are needed. Dedicated to challenging the mistaken ways of civilizations throughout the Universe and disrupting the status quo when necessary, their mission is to change minds and harness the forces of nature to fight the decay of the Earth’s resources.

The Metacubs are here to make change happen – at light speed! From promoting sustainable infrastructure and commerce to reversing the decline of the environment through green investment strategies.

The first four Metacubs have already arrived on Earth – with another 40 to follow – where have they come from and who sent them? The only thing we know for certain is who they are and why they are here! With no great Oracle to consult, the only thing we can predict is that the Metacubs are going to be big – and it starts now!

  • 1
    Fennic - nature god of the kingdom of Caninae
  • 2
    ChacRa – nature god of the kingdom of Pantherinae
  • 3
    Hurakan - nature god of the Hominidae kingdom
  • 4
    Vulcan - nature god of the Ursidae kingdom

Fennic - nature god of the kingdom of Caninae

From the spirit kingdom of the Caninae comes the Vulpic god, Fennic, born from the good (primordial) soup, Fennic is a relative newcomer to the concepts of space and time. As a young canine cub, she was, quick to learn and sharp to respond but now she’s tempered his actions with wisdom and foresight. The natural habitat that is his domain has been ceaselessly depleted – the forests and grasslands removed and the rivers diverted. As a godlike animal spirit, Fennic feels the pain of all living things and looks to restore the natural cycle of the environment to help his fellow creatures survive.

Fennic has seen she’s seen countless extraterrestrial civilizations rise and fall – and yet Earth and its civilizations was always deemed as something even more special as its existence was inextricably linked to the balance of the entire Universe. If Earth falls the Universe falls with it, and even the very animal spirits, such as Fennic, who have existed for countless years through space and time will cease to exist.

The template for existence amongst all living things will be destroyed forever. With such total annihilation guaranteed to return the Universe to nothingness, there is no option but to step in – and step up to be counted - for the sake of all. Fennic is here as one of the first four metacubs to help our planet – and its people - make it through another 10,000 years, and restore the balance of Terra Firma. Fennic is multi-dimensional and yet as with all the metacubs, her redlit eyes are what marks her out as an animal god of incredible subtlety and perception. Her vulpic form exists in an augmented reality overseeing all that grows and nourishes planets, from the air that we breathe to the terrestrial crops, corals, and creatures under the oceans. Believe her - we need all of it to keep going.

ChacRa – nature god of the kingdom of Pantherinae

From the spirit kingdom of the Pantherinae comes the Leonid god, ChacRa, one of the mightiest of all nature spirits, and yet one of the wisest.

Even as a cub, ChaRa displayed wisdom beyond his years and foresight second to none. Yet, his wisdom is backed by strength and fortitude. Did he see the imbalance in the Universe coming; was he first to spot the dangers from the untrammelled burning of fossil fuels and clouding of the skies? His sleeping form had perhaps led people to think he didn’t care, but now he is roused, will his mighty roar be enough to bring people to their senses – or will he have to step in with the Metacubs to restore nature to its rightful place at the top of Planet Earth?

The mighty Chacra Metacub is a leader amongst the animal kingdom and a changeling of many identities and voices, who is spurred into action when old ideas have overstayed their welcome. A long, long time ago, ChacRa came and helped humankind evolve and nurture the planet for its own uses. He leaves for 5 minutes (or whatever... time is relative) and bam!, humanity is once more making its merry way towards total destruction. As he returns to planet Earth from his unknowable dimension, he seeks to guide those who challenge and look for change, and maybe get in an “I told you so.” He’s earned it.

Hurakan - nature god of the Hominidae kingdom

From the spirit kingdom of the Hominidae comes the god, Hurakan, born in a star system full of harsh solar storms, to say nothing of the weather on his home planet, Hurakan has grown ever stronger, keeping order within the enigmatic dimensions of forests and trees on Planet Brane. His power is awesome and his fury unstoppable, yet, deep down he is still one of mankind’s closest relatives, understanding their strengths and weaknesses and seeing their motivations.

Now as the Earth teeters on the edge of extinction he has been summoned, along with the three Metacubs above to bring the planet Earth back from the edge of extinction. After enduring eons of atrocious weather, Hurakan gained power to evoke the winds of change, harnessing the storms and rains of tempests if need be, to sweep outdated practices and foolish ideas. See his red piercing eyes glow and his mighty chest expand as he summons the power and purpose within. Like an Internet troll, resistance from those who make him their enemy will only make him stronger. Only when all is calm and right with the world will Hurakan return to where he came (hopefully this time with an umbrella).

Vulcan - nature god of the Ursidae kingdom

From the spirit of the Ursidae comes the bear god, Vulcan who grew from a fledgling cub into a mighty force of nature and whose power and strength comes from the centre of planets. She can be placid and friendly when no threat presents itself and yet fiercesome when roused. Like the spirit of the bear from which he is evolved, Vulcan has the ability to lie dormant for centuries and yet explode with unparalleled force. Look into the eyes of all the Metacub gods and experience the unearthly powers that reside within their earthly forms. Red, laser-like beams of penetrating power that can cut through any surface. Vulcan is huge and yet wise, her pale ghostly form existing between the animal and human kingdoms.

She is able to harness the pure molten core of the Earth and disrupt seas and continents if need be. One of the most powerful gods of the animal kingdom of Brane who is as old as Time with the strength to move mountains when roused, Vulcan is a guardian of ores and minerals, oils and gases…the lifeblood of the planet Earth, which must be protected for the future of all. Get on her bad side and she’ll make you wish you were in the End-Permian period.

44 NFTs
Genesis DroP
Coming Soon
Phase 1


Timeline: Sept - Apr 2021

Status: Done

Description: What happens when imagination, excellence and revolution come to meet the NFT world? It gives rise to the creation of a collection of 44 exceptionally rare NFT designed with a French Touch spirit by the PLEIX collective.

- We’re already done with this bit! After sleepless nights and feverish research, we’ve come up with a cohesive vision for the Metacubs

- The METACUBS project also has a pretty sweet roadmap. Keep reading to get a solid idea of where exactly we’re headed with this, and how you can join in on the insanity.

- Artwork starts with Pleix and they are on Fire!

- V0 of landing page in coincub.com/nft, which will be replaced with metacubs.io

Phase 2


Timeline: Apr 2022 - August 2022

Status: In progress

Description: Create a new approach to sustainable future through activism and the green economy of the NFT community.

- First things first: people need to know who the heck the Metacubs are. We’ll launch our Generative project and make sure everyone hears about it

- We’re not making Metacubs alone - you can look forward to our NGO project kick-off with the official inauguration and administration start. Finally, NFTs that do some good in the world (besides letting people buy memes)

- Website v1 with wallet integration and the possibility to sell directly (via special offers)

- Community has the option to donate to any of the 3 NGO’s - the WWF, Global Coalition, or the Peace Parks Foundation Create a new approach to sustainable future through activism and the green economy of the NFT community.



Timeline: Q4 2022

Status: Not started

Description: Offer collectors-investors a unique experience starting from the virtual to go into the various facets of reality.

- A carbon offset plan will be put in place to make sure Metacubs are a force for positive change

- Tech option to evolve NFT (either for user knowledge or timeline - growth of cub)

- Rarity system definition

- First-gen NFT hodlers to be airdropped their totem animal

- By this time we’ll have our roadmap and strategy locked for 18-24 months, hopefully with your help. Interested in seeing your vision made a reality? Join us on Discord



Timeline: Q1 2023

Status: Not started

Description: Create a community that has the option to donate to any of the 3 NGO’s - the WWF, Global Coalition, or the Peace Parks Foundation to defend and actively participate in environmental values.

- NGO on the ground conservation park project kick-off

- Profit-sharing to holders in form of other NFT/Crypto or other rewards

- Virtual land partnership with Decentraland for MetaPark

- Initial NFTs have more functionalities, better attributes, and stats (e.g how much cubs saved)

Meet the team
José Man Lius
Sergiu Hamza
NFT analyst
Laurel Murphy
Vlad M
Web designer
Jon Lea
Community Manager
Kirill R
Why Polygon (and not Ethereum)?
The environmental impact of Proof of Work (PoW) blockchains is a controversial topic. By some estimates, the biggest PoW blockchains can consume between 35–140 TWh of electricity annually, with a continuous draw of anywhere between 3–15 GW of electricity. If they were counted as countries, two of the biggest PoW blockchains would consume more energy than Sweden. By requiring the expenditure of electricity to ensure consensus, PoW is inherently energy-intensive.

Polygon’s validators consume approximately 0.00079TWh of electricity yearly, with an approximate continuous draw of 0.00009GW. This is orders of magnitude below the energy consumption by the major PoW blockchain networks, and one reason why PoS blockchains are regarded as a more sustainable alternative.
Who is Pleix? (alias PLEIX COLLECTIVE)
Since forming in 2001, French collective PLEIX established themselves not only as video directors of the highest order, but also as world class graphic artists, with their work appearing in Europe's best contemporary art galleries. Composed of seven individuals, Pleix works on a shared philosophy of using moving art and music to showcase their subversive view of the world. So far this has manifested itself in several videos, adverts and installations that are all based on staples of contemporary culture. They also do commercial work between their personal projects.

PLEIX have worked with: Pilooski (Discodeine), Vitalic, Basement jaxx, Plaid (Warp Records), Kid606, Groove Armada, Tamara Rojo (principal dancer and artistic director of the English National Ballet), Russell Maliphant (choreographer).

What charities do our NFTs support?
METACUBS community members have the option to donate to the WWF, Global Coalition, or the Peace Parks Foundation.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is a leading organization in the fight to conserve Earth’s biodiversity and transform markets and policies to support sustainability.

The Global Coalition

The Peace Parks Foundation works to renew and preserve large ecosystems across borders, thereby protecting natural and cultural heritage. The foundation was founded in the late 90’s by President Nelson Mandela, Dr. Anton Rupert, and Prince Bernhard of the Netherlands.
Who is Coincub?
Coincub is a platform hosting up to date journalism on the metaverse and honest reviews of everything crypto. The platform’s work has been featured on Forbes, Yahoo Finance, MSN, ZDNet, CoinTelegraph, and Investing.com.

Coincub is increasingly active in the Metaverse to explore its potential and is developing NFTs as a means to raise funding and promote sustainable business or causes. Through our Coincub platform, we look to generate awareness and opinions through a worldwide following of supporters of green technology and environmental causes globally.